The former vice-president of Citibank Philip Wollen talks about animal suffering and the need of animal protection

Engaged speech from Philip Wollen, Australian philanthropist and former vice-president of Citibank, during which he speaks about animal suffering in large scale breeds, slaughterhouses, about equality of human and animals in the ability of feeling suffering, should not escape your attention.

Wollen says:” We have to stop eating animals, because they are screaming desperately in slaughterhouses, cages and stables…animals are not only different species. They are different nations and we murder them… Justice cannot look on race, color, religion or species… The question of animals is now the largest social issue since the abolition of slavery.”

 In perfectly prepared speech presented in May for the St. James Ethics Centre and other participating people he speaks about economical advantages of plant diet, about environmental advantages connected with ethical and healthy life style without the suffering of animals. He talks also about alerting facts which are nowadays more and more mentioned by such organizations as the UN:”90% of caught small fishes are processed into feedstuff for livestock – cows which naturally eat plant food are nowadays the world´s biggest ocean predators. It is estimated that the oceans will be completely fished out with present pace in 2048. There are about 7 billion people in the world today who kill 2 billion animals every week… 10 000 species are nowadays irrecoverably exterminated. And that is only because of the activity of one biological species. It is estimated that we would need two Earths to feed everybody if people lived in western style.”


Philip Wollen shares his personal experience about the same suffering of animals and people in pain, as he saw by his dying father:“ I heard the crying of my dying father, when cancer was destroying his body and when it killed him in the end. And I realized that I heard this crying before – in slaughterhouse where I saw poked eyes, cut ligament, on a ship transferring animals to the slaughterhouses in the Middle East, from a whale which was killed by Japanese harpoon when she cried for her baby. Their crying was the crying of my father. And I realized that we suffer the same together.”


Philip deserves big thanks for activities which he does for animals not only by similar contributions, but also for his financial support and other promotion of ethical treatment of animals and alternative life styles. Furthermore he supports this from his position of an influential person of the world´s economy by his own example.

You will find the transcript of the whole video here.  




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