Support limitations of EU animals transports

Please join 8hours campaign, which calls for all live transport of animals in the EU for fattening and slaughter to be limited to eight hours. Show your support as animals are being transported many hours in very poor conditions while many of them dies. 

Also please support the ban of the outside EU ban of transports - in 2011 over one million cattle and sheep were sent for instance from the EU to Turkey for slaughter and fattening, France exported over 90,000 cattle and sheep to the Middle East in 2010. Cattle are also being sent from Ireland on massive journeys to Morocco and also from the EU to Russia and even to Kazakhstan.

On their last journey, animals experience hours of sometimes very cruel handling while some of them die on boards directly or must wait for even weeks to die - as for example 4000 sheep and 400 cattle on the way from Romania to Libya last month.

A similar crisis took place this week in the Red Sea, where thousands of cattle died onboard a ship. See more and support here , thanks!

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