Interview with the bodybuilder and expert for vegan nutrition Dušan Dudáš

Dušan Dudáš comes from Slovakia, but he has been living for years in New Zealand. Here, as well as in Australia, he has won many prizes on bodybuilder´s competitions. 56 year old Dušan has a lot of experiences with meat-free diet and he specializes in consulting with vegan athletes and he is the author of successful books about lifestyle and sports – for example Naturally amazing. He himself had been on basically vegetarian diet, with exception for fish and he has been vegan in recent years. You will find more info about this experienced athlete in an exclusive interview from New Zealand.

Hi Dušan, can you tell our readers something about yourself? How long have you been interested in bodybuilding and vegan diet? What led you into it…

I have been interested in bodybuilding for 40 years with some short breaks. I was born in Prešov 56 years ago. I have been participating in sports since the age of 8. Gymnastics, hockey, swimming, football and athletics – high jump, although I am not tall. I was the record-holder of an army record in climbing without using legs – 5 meters in 5 seconds. I served in the army in Mariánské Lázně and I was a member of  Sandow bodybuilding team there.

I was forced into vegan diet by my problems with heart which occurred 5 years ago here in New Zealand. There is a high occurrence of heart attacks in my family, all of my cousins take pills, my dad died because of heart attack at the age of 50, my brother had heart attack at his 54 and all of my uncles from father´s side died because of heart attack.

Specialists here in New Zealand as well as their useless machines, which put dangerous radiation into body, were not able to help me. I have become vegan over one night and after 2 weeks all my problems have disappeared and I still cannot complain. I do not experience headaches, flu, or other illnesses. I do not use any medicaments and I never will. Thanks to my ability of speaking English I had studied many books from the best world´s biologists and I have a large library in this area.

You have years of experience with meat-less diet. Does it still happen that someone comes to you and tells you that you cannot build muscles without meat?

 It happens quite often that especially doctors try to convince me that meat belongs to human diet, but after some minutes when they find out that my knowledge in this area is solid, they simply give up. Human small intestine is up to 9 meters long, meat eating animals have it three times shorter. Meat rots inside and is digested only from 30 %, because our body does not produce enzymes which can help to digest meat. The body can digest raw meat (tartar steak) in one hour; cooked or roasted meat is digested in 6-7 hours and leaves the body after 2 days.


You live in New Zealand. How did you come to this country and how do you like life in New Zealand? And do you follow situation in Slovakia or in the Czech Republic?

I have been living in New Zealand for 17 years. I moved here legally. It is a beautiful land with large beaches without people. The reason to move here was the sea where I swim everyday. Swimming is my love, but only in the sea or lakes, never in swimming pools. I follow the situation in Slovakia or the Czech Republic on the internet if I have time.

What would be your advice for beginning vegetarians and vegans, who want to be in the best shape? How should their diet look and what food is the best for them?

Beginning vegans should eat as much raw food as they can especially green vegetables. The diet should contain nuts and seeds for protein, hemp protein for it´s fiber, and avocado, which has all nutrients for human organism. I eat 2 to 3 of them everyday. Bread without yeast made of buckwheat. All kinds of vegetables, but less fruit which ferments in large intestine and produces acidity. To drink water with pH higher than 7,365, to drink vegetable juices freshly juiced at home and to drink them right after being juiced, because they oxidize fast. All cereals with glycemic index lower than 60.

Our web is mostly aimed towards martial arts, are you interested in some of them? And if yes, do you have your favorite fighters?

I am big fan of karate and yoga. Bruce Lee is my hero.

You are mainly a trainer… What are the main reasons that lead people to you? And what is their interest in meat-less diet?

My clients are mainly entrepreneurs with over-weight and stress, also natural bodybuilders, people with health problems. They like meat, but after my explanation they try to reduce meat and try to eat fish.

Majority of people, not only vegans, who exercise try to build their muscles in the most effective way without fat. Do you have any exercise which you would recommend and which people should certainly put in their routine?

To build big muscles without fat is impossible; fat secures muscles from burning and from turning muscles into pentose and from using it as energy during training which we call catabolism. When doing size training we need to have enough complex carbohydrates which coat us in fat. We should train every second day and not longer than 1 hour and only 2 muscle parts during one training. The main exercises which have to be included are squats, bench press and cross-bar.

You are also author of books focused on supplementation and training. Can you tell us something about that?

I wrote a book about veganism and vegetarianism in bodybuilding, about the effects of pollution on health and protection against adverse effects of modern life. This book includes complete diets and trainings with detailed description which had never been described before.

What impact do you see in webs such as or which concern the impact on lifestyle compassionate to animals and is used  as well as information source for beginning athletes?

These are very good sites and I am fan of everybody who is against killing of animals and pointless devastation of vegetation. I recommend beginning athletes to study the strongest animals on earth, they all are vegans – we can begin with a gorilla and end with an elephant.

And how would you value your relationship with animals?

I love animals and I am very happy that they are not part of my diet anymore.

I wish you all the best.

Thank you for the interview and good luck!



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