For whom is milk

…seemingly an easy question, but in our western civilization, full of lifetime sucklings (fed by breast milk of ANOTHER species), the majority of population lives in conviction that cows produce milk for us, to buy it cheaply in the supermarkets. But you will find the correct answer in following pictures.





And what does the fact that people drink milk instead of calves for the dairy industry?

 The only thing: that the cows are held in permanent gravidity (by the method supplied by inseminators – you will find interview with one of them at our website) that the calf is taken away from it´s mother after birth as quickly as possible and it is fed with substitution full of anabolics and hormones, until it grows to slaughter weight and goes to slaughterhouse, or turns itself  into another milk machine: the inseminator inseminates young cow and the process (taking the calf away – machine milking – new artificial insemination, so the production of milk does not stop – next birth – taking the calf away etc…) repeats. This happens several times until the literally sucked out cow is not able to produce milk and goes to slaughterhouse where her descendants have ended before. And if you think that cows that you see on pastures are those who happily give milk to us (as it is shown in commercials) you are deeply mistaken. These are so called “meat” cows, which end minced in sausages or in other meat products. 99 percent of dairy cattle never go out, it is not rentable to summon them several times a day for machine milking and also because of illnesses, overcultivation (“dairy” cow from our most common overcultivated holštýn breed produces cca 50 litres of milk daily – that is five times more than normal) and because of the size of the teat it is very hard for them to move.


And how it would look like if other species went technologically above us, and decided to consume our breast milk – as we do it to cows? You can see it in this suggestively drawn picture. Very few people could imagine something more pervert if this happened to us…

We thank everybody who at least thinks about this.

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